6th Annual Fallen Friends Results

Locals came out to compete in the 6th annual Fallen Friends event at Aspen Highlands on Sunday, March 16 to honor fellow skiers and riders that have been lost in recent years.  Teams competed in a course of jumps, bumps and park features on Scarlett’s Run at Aspen Highlands, while dressing in themed costumes to raise money for the Aspen Valley Ski & Snowboard Club’s scholarship foundation. Team Without a Paddle took home the win under sunny skies for the fourth consecutive year.


Photo by Jeremy Swanson

1st place –Without a Paddle
Theme: Whitewater Rafting Featuring Wylie Adams, Blake Axelson and Brandon Rohrbaugh

2nd place – Fab Five
Theme: Men in Leotards – Featuring Packy and Ben Westfeldt, Michael and Peter Olenick and Ryan Odell

3rd place – Delivery Boys
Theme: Delivering Dominos and Excellence to You –  Featuring Charlie Campisi, Axel Livingston, Tristan Feinberg, Will Brown and Jake Bozza

Photo by Jeremy Swanson

Photo by Jeremy Swanson

Other Winning Categories

Best Slasher – Mike Emerson

Best Method – Kris Olson

Most People in the Air at One Time – Team Bear Hunters featuring Zach Storens, Gianni Tullio, Cassidy Jarell and Brevitt Livingston

034A1652Biggest Air of the Day – Charlie Lasser (2014 Kick Aspen Champion)

Most Cosacks – Team BA Skiers featuring Wilson Maythen, Max Brenninger, Matty Dillis, Jacob Power Smith and Blake Thomas

Most Flippy – Logan Walker

Trick of the Day – Logan Jackson

Best Costumes – Hulkamania

Best Legs – Fab 5 featuring Packy and Ben Westfeldt, Michael and Peter Olenick and Ryan Odell

Photo Gallery by Jeremy Swanson