Another Bluebird day on Highlands

We’re right in the middle of race season here in Aspen.  There is a long running town race series that has race divisions for everyone from ex world cup racers all the way down to families and kids.  Most of the races are either Slalom or Giant Slalom as well as a Super G and Downhill in February.  Anyone can come out to the Highlands on Saturdays, throw down your ducketts and race on Thunderbowl.  It’s a bit more of a course than NASTAR and the gate sets are usually by ex world cuppers.  It’s fast, fun and a good way to build those free skiing skills.

Today I had a slalom training day in the morning then I broke out my fatties for a free ski on Highlands.  It was a crisp gorgeous bluebird day and the hill was void of people to get in the way.  I skied everything from Steeplechase to Apple Strudel today.  Check out some pics.

IMG_2556Getting ready to drop into Steeplechase.  This portion is called Garmish and it was a tad firm today.  A decent edge was needed to get purchase on the snow.

IMG_2560Here I am on Face of Oly.  That’s the top of the Cloud 9 lift foreground and in the background is the Cloud 9 restaurant.  If you’ve never been there, you have to check it out.  One of the best ‘hidden’ restaurants on our 4 mountains.  Pardon the lousy out of focus photo, my camera was in my pocket and the lens was fogged up from skiing so hard.

IMG_2551More blue cruisers please!

IMG_2544Look at that.  Buddah!

IMG_2555This is the top of the Loge Peak lift as you get off.   Yes, that’s the infamous Highland Bowl in the background.  If you keep skiing straight at this point, you’ll end up at the snowcat that cuts off a few minutes of hiking.  The rest have to be done the hard way all the way up to 11,000+ feet in altitude.  The hike takes place along the ridge line in the background. Check out Erik’s Bowl Blog for more.

IMG_2559Here’s some beginner bumps under the Loge Peak chair.  These are nice to start out on as they have little pitch and are perfectly shaped.

Tomorrow I’m skiing with my four year old then taking in some X Games.  Saturday is race day.  Check back for more this week.

That’s all for today, I’m out.


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