Another Reason to Ski Colorado: We’re Making Progress on Climate

Believe it or not, for all the vast numbers of gas drill rigs here, Colorado has become an environmental leader on both climate change and reducing the impacts of natural gas drilling. We’re the first state to require that gas drillers disclose what’s in “fracking fluid,” the scary stuff (or not, we don’t know) that gets pumped underground by drillers. We’re the first state to regulate leaking methane, a super-potent greenhouse gas, with the support of some of the big national gas drillers. And Colorado is closing down old and dirty coal fired power plants at a rapid pace. Allen Best digs into the details of the Colorado story in his reporting on a conversation between ex-Senator Tim Wirth and longtime CO climate hawk Jim Martin. It might be wonky to some, but it’s also another reason to ski Colorado, because this state clearly cares about the future of skiing.

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Auden Schendler works at Aspen Skiing Company, and focuses on big scale solutions to climate change, primarily clean energy and activism. Aspen Skiing Company's work was recently the subject of a feature story in Men's Journal Magazine that sums up our approach very well. You can read the article here: