Aspen Mountain Spirit Nests


Big Sur Spirit Garden is located out of the Big Sur Valley between the Santa Lucia Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. The Spirit Garden is built on the initiative of integrating art, culture and nature into a single experience.  A mantra that in many ways echoes Aspen Skiing Company’s efforts  to instill a sense of mind, body and spirit into its business.


The nests are in their final stages of being built on top of Aspen Mountain. As pictured, there will be three nests that live just below the Sundeck year-round.  The nests are made from tree branches harvested from local forests, which in our case, come from the surrounding Aspen forests. The branches are chosen meticulously and cut to maintain the overall health of the tree and incur minimal damage. The best branches typically come from the top of the tree as they tend to be more mature, strong and have more unique shapes sculpted by wind and time.


The building process consists of fitting the branches together like a puzzle that integrates both structural integrity and artistic flow. The wood is bent using tension and counter sunk screws that are nearly invisible. The base of the nests are built strong enough to support up to 2000 pounds of wet wood and people. After the base is constructed, the nests are put together and trucked out to their final location–in this case, Aspen Mountain.


The last steps in the construction process is to create the spiraling wreath on the front, install an exterior grade woven mat for guests  to sit comfortably inside, and make a ladder. The nest spirals both inside and out making it particularly aesthetically appealing. Be sure to check them out at the top of Aspen Mountain.