Banked Slalom Results, Pics, & Video!

Weekend two of Spring Jam entertainment kicked off with the inaugural Banked Slalom event today. This snowboard-only event charged down the natural terrain of Sandy Park at Snowmass. The event drew 100 riders of all ages to challenge each other on banked turns.

“Sandy Park has always been one of the most fun runs on Snowmass, and adding a bunch of perfectly shaped berm turns only makes it better,” says Tyler Lindsay, AVSC Snowboard Program Director. “The park staff here in Aspen/Snowmass do incredible work, whether for the X Games, Red Bull Double Pipe or here at a more grassroots participatory level.”


Men – 16 and Over
1st Cleve Johnson 57.25 Seconds
2nd Matt Boughton 57.63 Seconds
3rd Lucas Dehmlow 57.80 Seconds
Women – 16 and Over
1st Kelly Baker 70.39 Seconds
2nd Ashley Conner 73.39 Seconds
3rd Corianne Lambert 80.47 Seconds
Men – Ages 10-15
1st  MJ Mirano 68.54 Seconds
2nd Logan Lautter 69.00 Seconds
3rd Johnny Weiss 71.08 Seconds

Photo Gallery by Seth Beckton