From the BBB secret lair…it just keeps snowing and snowing…

If your sitting there reading my blog thinking that it can’t possibly be snowing again…I wouldn’t blame you for thinking I’m talking nonsense.  Since my blogs last week, we’ve had a couple of days of clouds and flurries but it’s been snowing for 3 days now and Ullr is back in earnest giving us the business.  It snowed another 6 inches or so overnight and today we were treated with yet another powder day.  I headed for the hill and at 9am there weren’t to many lingering soles at the gondie.  I jumped right on and got whisked to the top in a scant 17 minutes.  As it was a smidge cold this morning, I headed for the steeps wanting to warm up as fast as possible.  First up, a newer tree run to the skiers left of Kristi.  Once a patrol stash, it’s now open to regular plebes given you have the skills to negotiate the terrain.


Standing at the top of ‘Hidden Treasure’.  I wish you were able to get a sense of how steep this is.  This run is about two ski lengths wide and has the same pitch as Kristi.  Enter at your own risk as it’s a long way to the bottom with no way out.


After I exited the Kristi drainage, I headed to Gent’s Ridge.  I skied all the way to the end of the ridge and to my amazement, Bingo Glades were OPEN!  I entered at the bottom gate and there was nothing but powder and fresh lines before me.  This area was so good, I did several laps in there today.  Here are some photos.

DSCN0139The entrance

DSCN0132Oops, sorry I lied.  After preliminary review, I now realize I didn’t take any shots of Bingo.  It was so good in there I didn’t stop to take photos.  Check out this pic of Kristi’s instead.  This was the run of the day as it was almost untouched and I got several knee deep turns out of it.

After several runs on the Gent’s side, I ventured over to the Ruthies side to see if Trainors was open.  Ring the sports book! 2 for 2.  Trainors is OPEN!  This ridge has 6 or so chutes and also is rarely opened.  Today it was all mine as I didn’t see anyone else in there.  I DO have photos of some of the runs.  Just like Bingo, I did several runs in here today.

DSCN0148You would ski past the entrance 99 times if you didn’t know it was here.  Here is the goat path that takes you out to T1 – T6.

DSCN0150T3, I kept on skiing to see what else was open.

DSCN0151T5.  I kept on skiing.

DSCN0155T6.  Hello my darling, I think I’ll ski you.  It was so good, I skied it again.

As of this writing, it’s snowing hard outside and it’s supposed to snow all through the night.  As I like to say, ‘We’ll count it once it’s on the ground.’  I do get to get out on Saturday morning for about 4 hours.  I’ll have another blog for you soon.

Stay tuned, I’m out, BBB









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