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Since I usually work weekends, Mondays are often days to explore Highland Bowl for the goods. Sometimes I get the weekend warriors’ leftovers & sometime I get to indulge in a freshly prepared entree. Fortunately, today was the latter; a delicious new layer of snow to indulge in and not too many others to share it with throughout the morning.



Completely awesome views of Pyramid Peak (left) & the Maroon Bells never cease to amaze me! At over 14,000 ft high, they are sensational sentinels, perpetually watching over the valley.



Another view from Highland Peak revealed the bad; a massive avalanche path in the Five Fingers area. The avalanche rating has been “Considerable” to “Extreme” in the backcountry since the last storm system passed through the area. That’s just another great reason to stay inbounds, where the terrain is controlled like Highland Bowl. One can get the steep, riding 40-50 degree slopes from 12,400 ft. over 2500 vertical feet and the deep; made possible by the bowl’s lofty heights & east facing exposure. That’s plenty of goods for this dude!



There was a beautiful top layer of 1-2 inches of nice dry chalky snow in the entrance to G3 & into the evergreens that dot the run. I shot a few happy campers swooshing by. Shhhhh, shhhh, shhhhhhh was the sound of the softness coming from their skis.



This is some really nice skiing; softness on a Monday with not too many folks around. Time to drop in and enjoy the goodness; gorgeous mid-season snow!



I took one last glance over my shoulder after my second lap. G2 was skiing sweet, with fresh pow almost filling in the troughs between bumps. I hadn’t seen a soul in over ten minutes; just what I needed to start my week. Just what I need all the time.

I’m one grateful guy & looking forward to some more R & D (researching snow & developing a great attitude) later this week! Stay tuned for more fresh images & the real deal low down in the next edition of The Bowl Blog!

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