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The Bowl Blog: Bowl rats unite!

There’s an underground culture in Highland Bowl that some may not be aware of as they make their merry way into the bowl for a hiking and riding adventure. Some call ’em bowl rats.


The Bowl Blog: The good, the bad, the awesome

Since I usually work weekends, Mondays are often days to explore Highland Bowl for the goods. Sometimes I get the weekend warriors’ leftovers & sometime I get to indulge in a freshly prepared entree. Fortunately, today was the latter; a delicious new layer of snow to indulge in and not too many others to share […]


The Bowl Blog: Super Bowl!

  Early on Thursday morning it began; the beginning of what’s to become the 2nd largest 24 hr. snow accumulation in at least 18 years! Thursday’s “upside down powder day” started with a tough post-holing hike at the rope drop at 9:30 (this was the only guy in front of me) to discover about half […]


The Bowl Blog: Grab the chalk

  On the way up the first chair; the Exhibition Lift, it’s cool to study the Highland Bowl map mounted on the crossbar. There will be a test later. Sunny skies & temps in the high 30’s greeted me at the crack of 11:00 AM this morning. Since we haven’t had snow for a week […]


The Bowl Blog: Mondays; some of the most fun days!

After a very blustery Sunday, the cloud cover began to break mid-day today on “the stairway to heaven” with blue skies & winds to our west & a cloud clinging to Highland Bowl like a glorious cotton ball below us to the east. With 9 in. of new snow reported, this promised to be a […]


The Bowl Blog: Powdery New Year!

The Highland Bowl. Photo by Jordan Manley.

It couldn’t have been a happier new year, as I hit Highland Bowl first thing on 1/1 to ring in 2014. The trudge up the steep pitch was still as steep as last year for some reason (pant, pant, pant). Cheers to better cardio fitness in ’14!