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Another storm cycle is upon us.


I woke on Friday morning from my slumber and put my nose on the window to see how much new snow accumulated over night at the secret lair.  A few inches on the driveway didn’t even warrant having me summon my henchmen to shovel and when I checked the snow report, it said 2 inches.  […]


YES…a powder day at last!


I’ve lived in Aspen since the song ‘Whoomp, there it is!’ was popular and can’t remember a period of time were we’ve had this long of a stretch with no measurable winter precip.  The western slope of the Rockies gets it’s fair share of powder and the last few weeks have been an unbearable wait […]


Er…even more spring skiing?!…in February?


While the rest of the nation is being inundated with the wrath of more wintery weather and frigid temperatures, here in the central Rockies it’s full on spring weather.  And I mean spring!  Endless azure skies, bright sunshine and temps in town hovering in the mid 50’sF by mid afternoon!  If it gets any warmer, […]


Spring skiing… February?!


I have accumulated a LOT of ski stuff over the years.  I have one bag dedicated to ski racing equipment, another to mid winter and one to extras and spring conditions.  We’re currently in the middle of an unusually warm spell and I had to find my third bag to get the spring gloves and […]


A day off….and a powder day to boot.


Today is the day I make my weekly pilgrimage to Snowmass to bring my 5 year old son to our local ski club for ski lessons and such.  They get to ski with their friends and generally make havoc around the mountain while the adults in the immediate area are just trying to not fall […]


With X Games in full swing and the town full of millennials fueled up on angst and Monster drinks, what’s one to do but go skiing on the very mountain where they’re not, Aspen.  As we haven’t had a flake fall from the sky in a fortnight, fast groomers and hardpack bumps are what I […]


How to Spend Hump Day at Aspen Highlands

Merry Go Round at Aspen Highlands

If you live in the Roaring Fork Valley, you have good reason to consider Wednesday your favorite day of the week. Starting tomorrow (January 14), Aspen Snowmass will once again be having a local’s appreciation day every Wednesday at Aspen Highlands, which includes such Hump Day bennies as free parking at the base, and lunch and beer specials at […]


The last sunny day for awhile…the snow is back.


With bluebird skies and temps in the 30’sF at the base of the mountain, it was a great day to be outside and skiing.  The conditions were firm and the bumps big.  I knew there was still some good snow to be had, I just had to look for it.  On my first lap of […]


I’ve always said that Aspen Mountain punches way above it’s weight.  For a ski mountain with just under 800 acres, it skis much larger than it’s size and for it’s relatively small size, has more little hidden stashes than you can count.  I’m always amazed when I’ve been skiing around and trip over another hidden […]


….And the snow returns.


After ONE sunny day this week, the snow returns in earnest as I skied in near blizzard conditions most of the afternoon.  A light snow fell for most of the morning making already soft conditions softer.  I skied most of the mountain today as just about everything is open now and some of the areas […]