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…Still snowing! , Please Mr. Sun, stay on vacation!


I was so tired after yesterday’s powder day that I could only muster the energy for a four finger  Martini for dinner with a marathon of Gilligan’s Island thrown in for the evening’s entertainment.  My body and brain hurt from so many top to bottom laps.  It snowed throughout the day and the sun finally […]


More snow last night, more powder skiing today.


Today had promise and was shaping up to be a spectacular powder day.  There were several inches of new snow on the ground this morning but as the gondola edged higher and higher up the mountain, it became clear the wind had a different story to tell.  In fact, it was so windy it was […]


If your sitting there reading my blog thinking that it can’t possibly be snowing again…I wouldn’t blame you for thinking I’m talking nonsense.  Since my blogs last week, we’ve had a couple of days of clouds and flurries but it’s been snowing for 3 days now and Ullr is back in earnest giving us the […]


There are powder days….and then there are POWDER days!!


Extra, extra read all about it. In case you missed the teletype and the frantic Morse code that went out, we just got a powder dump that we haven’t seen since Madonna was a virgin.  If you also missed every weather forecast for our area in the last three days let me sum it up.  […]


…And it got better and better as the day went on!


When I went to bed last night it was supposed to start blizzarding around midnight.  According to some of my friends who get up at ungodly hours to plow snow, it wasn’t even snowing at 3am.  When I got up this morning to find around 6 inches on the driveway of my secret lair, I […]


Another Bluebird day on Highlands


We’re right in the middle of race season here in Aspen.  There is a long running town race series that has race divisions for everyone from ex world cup racers all the way down to families and kids.  Most of the races are either Slalom or Giant Slalom as well as a Super G and […]


Yes, even intermediates can enjoy Aspen Highlands


When people see me on the mountain they’re always asking about new runs or mountains.  I’m always trying to get people over to Aspen Highlands.  However, one of the most common things I hear about the Highlands is ‘it’s too hard for me’.  They’ll say, ‘I think I’ll head to Snowmass instead’.  Oh, but you […]


Bluebird Powder Day in Aspen


This morning I woke with great anticipation of how much new was on the ground.  Last night when I went to bed, it was still snowing.  I went to the window, as I always do when I get to ski, to have a peek.