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Hiking on Aspen Mountain

When it comes to “reasons why we all love summer,” few things rank higher on the list than the classic family vacation. Its that rare time in the year when you can reconnect and rejuvenate as a family, and build memories for your kids that they’ll carry into adulthood. With all that in mind, there […]


Our Complete Guide to the Maroon Bells Area

Maroon Bells, Aspen, CO

This summer, as part of our $29 Perfect Summer gondola ticket package, we’re offering a guided tour of the Maroon Bells. They are said to be “the most photographed mountains in America.” How they can quantify that statistic, we’re not sure. All we know is, they’re gorgeous, and being able to visit them in our […]

Aspen Food + Wine festival

The Food & Wine Classic is coming up, June 20-22, and it is easily the most prestigious annual event for foodies and wine connoisseurs in the United States. More importantly, it’s the most fun. We talked to two insiders — Carlton McCoy (Master Sommelier at The Little Nell) and Jim Butchart (Executive Chef at Aspen Skiing Company) […]


Memorial Day Weekend Skiing on Ajax!

I was glommin’ onto the groomers first thing this morning. The corduroy just after 9:00 this morning was skiing great; especially considering this late season date! It was helpful to have waxed the fat sticks, to help slide on the stickier stuff & prevent the “Velcro effect”. Honestly, I just used Pam (with canola oil) […]

Valhalla Nights

Summer is just around the corner, and we’re eagerly getting ready to reopen the Snowmass Mountain and Aspen Mountain to mountain bikers, hikers, nature lovers, and of course, families. So what do families have to look forward to this summer?


Where to Go on a Powder Day at Aspen Highlands

Some locals taking their earned turns down Highland Bowl.

To figure out where to go on a powder day at Aspen Highlands, it helps to think about weather and aspect (meaning the features of the mountain and landscape). With so many of the runs facing east or west, a lot of variables are at play: From which direction did the storm blow in? (Most […]


The Bowl Blog: Springing into powder

  The last official day of winter (on the calendar) offered signs of prime spring skiing conditions to come. The past Wednesday was one of those sneaky “benign” powder days, with 3-4 in. reported. As I huffed and puffed my way across the fabled boot track, I wondered how the snow conditions would be leading […]


How to Emotionally Set Up Your Child for Ski School Success

Ski school for kids at Aspen Snowmass

The practical part of preparing your child for ski school — having proper equipment and how to layer, for example — is only one aspect of it. Equally important (if not more so) is emotional preparedness, which will help the child get the most out of his or her lesson, plus provide the foundation for […]


How to Ski Aspen Mountain on a Powder Day


With Aspen’s recent t-shirt weather, you might be dreaming of mountain biking, but the season is far from over. In fact, next month is Colorado’s snowiest. March brings around 60 inches of snowfall to the high country, meaning there are plenty of powder days left in the season.