Only The Hammers – Our 10 Most Popular Instagram Pics

We’re BIG fans of Instagram here at Aspen/Snowmass, and there’s no surprise why – this is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Now that things are settling down from an AMAZING season, we thought it would be a good idea to assemble our top 10 Instagram pics based on number of likes with a little backstory behind each image so we could look back and reflect on the good times.

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Our Photographers

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Jeremy Swanson Vital Films Dave Amirault
@jswansonphoto @VitalFilms  @ozskier

No.10 by Dave Amirault

This was taken from Aspen Mountain on the Buckhorn trail during sunset. We had a crew of friends skiing ahead of me and I whipped out my iPhone to capture this quick moment. This is one of my favorite places on the resort because you’e got a clear view of Aspen Highlands and the Highland Bowl right in front of you. Also it didn’t hurt that the sun was setting behind some low level clouds.

No.9 by Dave Amirault

The “Stairway to Heaven”, AKA the hike to the top of the Highland Bowl. This was another iPhone moment from a sunny bowl hike during an amazing snow year. Actually, I think I was playing hooky from the office that afternoon. Shhhh, don’t tell my boss.

No.8 by Dave Amirault

This was coming down the North American trail on Aspen Mountain during one of our marketing video shoots during late spring. We were skiing down during the last bits of sunlight and the mountains were glowing red. That’s actually our marketing manager skiing in front of me carrying a bag of camera gear. Once again, another amazing moment captured thanks to the iPhone.

No.7 by Vital Films

We can always count on Vital Films to deliver amazing photos and video, and this shot of Snowmass during sunset is no exception. They grabbed this one while snowmobiling around. There’s a reason it’s called Snowmass, the mountain is HUGE and this photo helps do it some justice.

No.6 by Dave Amirault

Here’s a still captured from my GoPro at the top of the Highland Bowl as I waited to drop in. As you can see, it was a super busy Saturday up there. If you haven’t tried taking photos with a GoPro, start. Most people use them for video, but take it from me – they rule for photography.

No.5 by Vital Films

Matt from Vital Films got to ride up Aspen Mountain with some of our cat drivers to ring in the new year. Here he is with our cat drivers at the top of the Franklin Dump taking in the fireworks show in downtown Aspen. A special moment captured perfectly.

No.4 by Jeremy Swanson

Jeremy is our staff photographer and is responsible for the lions share of our resort imagery. So, it’s no surprise that some of our top Instagram pics come from him. Here’s one of Snowmass Village during sunset earlier in the season. He used long exposure to get the roads and lights to pop under that beautiful Colorado sky.

No.3 by Jeremy Swanson

Another amazing long exposure sunset photo from Jeremy, this time with Mt. Daly looming behind Snowmass Village. This photo illustrates just how big the mountains are surrounding the resorts. Beautiful.

No.2 by Vital Films

I remember getting a text message from Matt at Vital Films with this pic, I think he used about 20 emoj to express how excited he was with how it turned out. As a matter of fact, when we posted this to Twitter and Facebook it also become one of our most popular posts ever. It’s the X Games superpipe lit up for practice with an amazing Colorado sunset behind Aspen Highlands and Buttermilk.

No.1 by Jeremy Swanson

The annual New Year’s fireworks display in downtown Aspen is something to be seen. It lights up the entire valley with color and light. Most people witness the display from their hotel balcony, or one of the many parks in Aspen. Not Jeremy, he hikes up Red Mountain across the valley with his camera gear and captures this HAMMER of a photo. No surprise that this is the most popular Instagram post we’ve EVER published.