Helly Hansen Battle In The Bowls Results

The second weekend of Bud Light Spring Jam kicked off Friday with the Banked Slalom event on Sandy Park in Snowmass. The weekend continued Friday evening at the Bud Light Hi-Fi Core Party with a highly energetic and dynamic performance by Beats Antique in downtown Aspen. The spring fun carried on at Aspen Highlands today with the Helly Hansen Battle in the Bowls race under sunny spring skies.

Helly Hansen Battle in the Bowls challenges teams of two to ski/ride the many bowls of Aspen Highlands as quickly and strategically as possible. The competition welcomes athletes at many different levels as there was a recreational division in addition to a competitive division. New this year, the Battle in the Bowls offered the adventure category, a great option for families in which they completed a course of runs with Highlands’s secrets and a number of special experiences. Participants explored new spots and got to take home souvenirs.

“I do this race every year and I will continue to do it every year,” says local skier and Battle in the Bowls 2014 ski champion, Anton Sponar. “In my opinion, it is hands down one of the best ski days because of the competitiveness and the great fun vibe the events brings.” 

Photo by Jeremy Swanson

Photo by Jeremy Swanson


Competitive Ski Results:
1st – You Open Em’, We’ll close them – Anton Sponar and Austin Nelson took first place with a time of two hours, fifty three minutes and twenty two seconds  (2:53:22).
2nd – Sanchez – Jordan White and Gregory Strokes with a time of 2:53:29.
3rd – Aspen Highlands Ski Patrol – Todd Fetter and Dan Goddard with a time of 2:58.


Competitive Ski Winners. Photo by Jeremy Swanson

Competitive Snowboard Results:
1st – Kyle & Boski – Kyle Landers and Beau Benda with a time of 3:07.
2nd – Bootpackers Do it Better – Matt Isaac and Justin Schaff with a time of 3:22.
3rd – Rutecki’s Revenge – Brett Friel and Zach Stevens with a time of 3:26.

Competitive Snowboard Winners. Photo by Jeremy Swanson

Competitive Snowboard Winners. Photo by Jeremy Swanson

Adventure Category Results:
1st – Flat Earth Society – Fabrizio Brovelli and Mike Herndon with a time of 2:02.
2nd – Skiing is Easy – Matt Kuharic and Tessia Forbes with a time of 2:09.
3rd – Maroon Belles – Kate Spencer and Ryan Zwelling with a time of 2:22.

Fastest Bowl Hike:
Seth Howland – 16:17
Stephen Soni – 16:17

Photo Gallery by Jeremy Swanson