The last sunny day for awhile…the snow is back.

With bluebird skies and temps in the 30’sF at the base of the mountain, it was a great day to be outside and skiing.  The conditions were firm and the bumps big.  I knew there was still some good snow to be had, I just had to look for it.  On my first lap of the mountain, I’m surveying Silver Queen from the top and look hard at the road that traverses to the left.  I’ve seen it a hundred times but have only taken it a handful of times. So take it I did.  Off the road were little hits through the trees and a way over to the top of Silver Rush.  This north facing slope keeps the snow in great condition days after a storm so naturally I had to make sure it was skiing well.

DSCN0651Here is a shot of Silver Queen taken from a quarter of the way down.  From here I kept moving left to find the best snow.  There were a few rocks here and there but easily missed.  As you can see from the photo, there is almost zero consistency in the bumps.  Line selection is free form at best.

DSCN0647Blondies is a tricky triple fall line run.  The middle is a mish mash of line choices depending if you took the left side or the right.  The two lines converge in the middle making skiing ‘interesting’. If you can flash this, you’re skiing well indeed.

DSCN0634Gretl’s first thing in the morning.  You can still make out the perfect corduroy on Tortilla Flats in the background.

DSCN0665By late morning I made my way to Bell Mountain.  You can see how firm and set up the snow is here on the ridge.  Despite that, it is still plenty grippy and holds your edge well.  This vantage point gives you a good view of town in the background.

It snowed all day yesterday and today.  Stay tuned for an update as soon as I can get out there.

I”m out.

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My first introduction to skiing was at a little mom and pop ski area tucked into a small corner of Rocky Mountain National Park. This was my second year of college. After graduation with a couple of bachelor degrees firmly in hand, I would regularly find myself daydreaming at work of being the next Scot Schmidt or Glen Plake. After a year of working a 'real job', I had had enough and decided to pull the pin and find a ski resort where I could ski every day. I sold everything I owned, loaded my favorite K2 TNC's on the roof rack and started driving my old Cherokee towards the Rockies. I had no idea where I would end up and after a month of driving around, I found Aspen. I've now surpassed my 20th year here in the Roaring Fork Valley and still love this place as much as I did on day 1. I had a good run as I was able to figure out how to ski 5 to 6 days a week by working evenings. I did that for 17 years. Things have changed a bit now as I have a family and priorities change. I'm currently on the mountain a few days a week with one of them dedicated to skiing with my five year old son. With so much time on our four mountains in the last 20 years, I would like to share my knowledge and insight with you as you plan your ski trip to our mountains. I hope you can ski vicariously through my camera lens and enjoy Aspen/Snowmass as much as I do.