PLAY Aspen Snowmass Episode 7: Farm to Table Tuesdays

In the next PLAY Aspen Snowmass video, host Nicole Birkhold walks us through the new the Farm to Table Tuesday Dinners at Elk Camp restaurant as well as the background of where a lot of Aspen Skiing Company’s on-mountain food derives from.

On a glorious morning in the Roaring Fork Valley, Nicole heads to Aspen Center for Environmental Studies’ (ACES) Rock Bottom Ranch located outside Basalt, Colo. to meet with Jason Smith, the Ranch’s Director, as well as explore the abundance of wildlife and green goodness at the Ranch.

Rock Bottom Ranch is alive with sheep, chickens, goats and a large garden filled with plenty of greens such as kale, chard and tomatoes. Nicole explores the Ranch’s rich abundance of environmental stewardship and sustainable agriculture and finds beautiful brown eggs hatched by the chickens, tastes sweet tomatoes right off the vine and feeds the goats their favorite dark green grass.

Over the past eight years Aspen Skiing Company (ASC) has spent almost $3.9 million with local small scale ranchers and farmers, including Rock Bottom Ranch, in an effort to garner a market approach to shopping for food as well as support and drive value to local food sellers.

A great example of the partnership between ASC and local farmers is the new Farm to Table Tuesdays that take place every Tuesday evening throughout the month of August at Elk Camp restaurant located mid-mountain at Snowmass. The new event celebrates the bountiful harvest the month of August produces as well as offers a fresh farmers market approach (with local producers on-hand) as well as an open dinner/tasting approach that truly showcases the farms and the food.

Nicole heads to Snowmass to enjoy an evening at the new Farm to Table Tuesday Dinners. Watch as she enjoys a free gondola ride to the event, live music by Rich Ganson & Randall Utterback, plays lawn games with the kids, tastes delicious pork and a kale salad (from Rock Bottom Ranch) and tops off the evening with a tasty ice cream cone.

Now that’s a day to savor!