Sunday Funday with the #ContentCrew

We’re spoiled by sunshine and beautiful weather here in Colorado, so when it’s cold and snowy we have a hard time motivating and getting up on the hill. Let me tell you, if you skipped skiing/riding this past Sunday you really missed out on something awesome.

Cold and SnowyHere’s what greeted me as I exited the gondola on Aspen Mountain, driving snow, cold temps, and howling wind. Also, based on the lack of people at the Sundeck I knew that I’d probably have the mountain to myself.

Noon FreshiesWhat’s this? Untracked pow off of Ajax Express at noon. Don’t mind if I do!
(Shout out to my home mountain, Sunday River.)

1PM BlowerHere’s that same terrain off of Ajax Express an hour later with my buddy Drew Ingardia getting deep. Every time we’d visit these trees our tracks would be filled in and somehow it was getting deeper. Free refills!

Pillows, Sure! Since the gondola was running slow we opted to lap the runs on Ajax Express. Here’s Drew hammering down a little pillow line in the woods. Can’t believe it’s early January and we’re skiing like this, so awesome.

Airtime w/ DrewAfter determining that we had plenty of pow for soft landings, things got a little sendy later that afternoon. Here’s Drew blasting a cliff for the camera.

More DrewWe even had a couple moments of sunshine late in the afternoon, so we returned to the cliff that Drew was sending earlier for another drop. Turns out this was the eye of the storm, and things got grey and snowy minutes later.

TTFNSo there it is, another awesome day on the hill filled with friends, pow, and some airtime. Sure, I had to bundle up, but it beats sitting around the house all day NOT skiing. Next time things are greybird, a little chilly, and you’re curled up on the couch watching football – remember this post. Hopefully it motivates you to get out there and have an awesome time.

OR, stay at home and let me get all that pow.