Top 10 Instagram Posts of the 2014-2015 Season

We are lucky to have some of the best photographers in the business, and easily some of the most scenic and jaw-dropping subjects for them to capture here at Aspen Snowmass.  As a result, you double tapped our photos more than half a million times this season, kudos. Instagram isn’t cluttered or complicated and for that reason its our favorite platform to showcase simply beautiful imagery captured at Aspen Snowmass. According to 98K of you, its your favorite sneak peak into what’s happening here too.

In honor of an amazing season, we have assembled our Top 10 most liked (by you) Instagram posts of the year.

#10 by Dave Amirault 

Understandably so, you double tap when snow is on the horizon and the lifts have just started spinning. Number 10 was captured by Dave Amirault on day #2 at Aspen Mountain in the midst of a storm that kicked off our season.

#9 by Vital Films

Colorado is called colorful for a reason, and its our sunsets. There aren’t any that are more beautiful than the ones that set over our mountains (we think) … at number 9, you thought so too with this sunset over Snowmass by Vital Films.

#8 by Vital Films

Number 8, another Vital Films glamour shot of the Maroon Bells all dressed in white taken early in the season.

#7 by Dave Amirault

You get really excited anticipating the opening of the season. Number 7, a bluebird aerial of the slopes funneling into town of Aspen, taken by Dave Amirault, was posted the week of opening this season.

#6 by Ned Perry

At 12,392 feet, the Highland Bowl stands among some of the most challenging and scenic terrain in the country. At number 6, our very own Highland patroller, Ned Perry, captured our majestic asset in all its glory.

#5 by Jeremy Swanson

Coming in at number 5, Jeremy Swanson, who is responsible for the majority of our Aspen Snowmass photography, woke up to capture this beauty of a snowy sunrise.

#4 by Dave Amirault

The day we all await, opening day. This year opening day was as scenic as ever and Dave Amirault captured it all from the gondola on Aspen Mountain with this shot at number 4.

#3 by Jordan Curet 

Cat drivers and snowmakers are some of the unsung heroes of our industry. They work, while we sleep, to give us the best conditions we could ask for and photographer Jordan Curet captured their evening view for our number 3 post.

#2 by Jeremy Swanson 

Jeremy Swanson, sleepless again, captured the Lunar eclipse over Mt. Daly on April 3rd. That bad moon rising landed him our number 2 photo of the season.

#1 by Jeremy Swanson 

We like to start our year off with a bang over Aspen Mountain. Jeremy got creative and captured the natural beauty of Aspen lit up by our New Year’s fireworks for our number 1 most liked photo of the season. What a way to start off 2015.