What’s New in Sustainability at Aspen Skiing Company

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Welcome to the Office

Photo by Steve Goff.

Photo by Steve Goff.

“It was some of the hottest and dustiest work I ever did.” That’s what longtime ASC employee and valley near-legend Dan Arbany said about his work on the Ruedi Overlook Trail when he helped put it in. Today, ASC employees can do that work on the clock, using two paid days to volunteer in the community. Opportunities abound, from swinging a hammer with Habitat for Humanity to wielding a Pulaski with the U.S. Forest Service. You could mentor a child with the Buddy Program, or help a parent become more at ease in their community at English in Action. On June 25th Jeffrey Kidwell, Bill Tarallo, Kim Morris, Steven Goff, Seth Hannula, Sheryl Sabandal, and Matt Hamilton spent a day on Dan’s trail, the Ruedi Overlook, installing water bars to prevent erosion. This is the first of four company organized volunteer projects offered in partnership with the

Photo by Sean Fick.

Photo by Sean Fick.

U.S. Forest Service. Here are some other opportunities to join fellow ASC employees and help maintain trails throughout the Roaring Fork Valley:

  • July 16th – Upper Lost Man, Linkins Lake
  • August 14th – Lone Pine (Basalt Mountain, Cattle Creek)
  • September 18th – Lower Lost Man

View ASC’s Volunteer Policy to learn more. While not everyone is eligible for this benefit, ASC encourages all employees to give back to the community. Check out our volunteer page for an updated list of volunteer opportunities. An Extra Incentive to Raise Money for the Community Komen_RaceIf you’re riding in the Bike for Multiple Sclerosis Research, Komen Ride/Run for the Cure or similar charity events, Aspen Skiing Company’s Family Fund offers employees up to $125 in matching funds. Just submit a copy of your registration and proof of funds raised to mhamilton@aspensnowmass.com. Getting the Lead, Zinc and Mercury Out  Dave Prosser, The Little Nell’s resident Led Zeppelin and Metallica fan, recently recycled more than one ton of electronics – CRT monitors, lead-acid batteries, computers, printers, a microwave and some VCRs (anyone under 25 can look these up on Wikipedia). In addition, Dave found new homes for 80 gently used LCD televisions that previously graced The Little Nell’s plush accommodations. Previously, he shipped 2,300 pounds of electronics. He did all this while rocking out to “Enter Sandman.” Truffle Fries  in Rice Oil  Rice bran oil made its debut in Aspen Snowmass restaurants last season. Made in the USA, sourced from non-GMO crops and trans-fat free, Rice Bran oil is better for you and the planet. In addition, the oil lasts significantly longer than other fry oils meaning ASC buys less oil. In the 13/14 season ASC reduced oil purchases by 3,500 pounds. Product with a Purpose Over 17 years The Environment Foundation granted almost $2.5 million to 425 EF_Hatenvironmental projects throughout the Roaring Fork Valley. Close to 50% of ASC employees are members of the foundation. To recognize employee donations and promote the foundation we’ve distributed useful and durable thank-you gifts to donors. Over the years we’ve produced t-shirts, beanies, coffee mugs, water bottles, tote/messenger bags and hats. We often get questions about how these products are produced. We work with Fairware to ensure we select items that are eco-Fairware Logoconscious and produced responsibly. When you increase your donation by $1, join the foundation for the first time or make a one-time donation of $16 you can get a hip-hoppy flat-brimmed hat. Stop by a ticket office or human resources office to get your hat, and if you want to learn more (about the hat) read this story. One of 46 Companies to File Amicus Brief in Support of Marriage Equality In a historic decision the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against the State of Utah in its ban of same-sex marriage. The case has now been referred to the Supreme Court. Aspen Skiing Company was one of 46 companies to sign a friend of the court brief discussing the adverse impacts of the same-sex marriange ban on our business. In striking down the ban the court has clearly indicated that same-sex couples must be afforded the same protections and rights as heterosexual couples. The fight is not over, but ASC is proud to have taken a stand alongside other business leaders (like Google and Starbucks) on this important issue. Learn more about the case.

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About Matthew Hamilton

Matthew Hamilton is Aspen Skiing Company’s (ASC) Sustainability Director. He is also the Executive Director of the Environment Foundation, which has donated more than $2 million over the past 15 years. Matthew oversees ASC’s community philanthropy, and runs ASC’s day-to-day environmental programs, including the monthly Greenletter, and GREENTRACK, ASC’s ISO 14001 certified environmental management system. Matthew is also consultant with Aspen Sustainability Associates, and has lectured nationally and internationally on ASC’s work. He currently serves as President of the Roaring Fork School District Board of Education, and on the boards of the Carbondale Tourism Council, Colorado Youth Corps Association and Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado. Previously, Matthew was a Research Officer at The Piton Foundation, working with low income neighborhoods on issues of education reform, affordable housing and economic development. Prior to that, he worked for Share Our Strength, a national anti-hunger anti-poverty group; the Independent Sector, a national association of nonprofits and foundations, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (on a project called Enterprise for the Environment), for the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games, and for Middlebury College. Matthew has a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Studies and Political Science from Middlebury College and a Masters in Public Policy from Georgetown University where he focused on nonprofit management. During his free time he can be found on his bike spending time enjoying many of the local trails and back roads. He lives in Carbondale, Colorado with his wife Jen, and their children Boden and Beck.